Kybella is an injectable medicine that is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a bile salt that occurs naturally in the body. Kybella is new, first in class, non-invasive/non-surgical.

What it does
Kybella is approved to break up fat cells in the submental area (under the chin). This helps flatten or reduce the submental area, reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Who it’s for
The ideal patient has a small or moderate amount of excess fat under the chin and no skin laxity or no neck or platysmal bands. Patients with some banding or skin laxity are also frequently treated with excellent results. Patients with a great deal of excess fat or pronounced skin laxity are better candidates for other options such as liposuction, laser liposuction, submentalplasty or necklift/mini-necklift.
What the treatment is like
A small amount of local anesthesia is placed in the neck after selecting and marking the area to be treated. Multiple small injections of medication are placed without discomfort due to the local anesthesia. A small amount of burning, itching or sensitivity may occur. After sitting for 15 minutes with cool compresses, you are ready to leave the office.

What the recovery is like
You should expect noticeable swelling for several days. Heavy swelling usually subsides after 3-4 days with the remainder clearing over the following week. Mild tenderness typically occurs and occasionally a small bruise. Firmness in the area remains for several weeks while the body absorbs the treated fat and turns off the healing process. Occasional patients have a much greater degree and duration of swelling. This is a risk that cannot be predicted in advance. Subsequent treatments typically have much less recovery than the first treatment.

How many treatments are needed?
Two treatments are typical, although many patients will need a third and possibly a fourth treatment. Treatments are separated by 6 or more weeks.

When are results seen?
Basic results can usually be seen at 1 month although the contour will likely continue to improve for 3 months.

54 YO, 6 Rx, 254 Inj

54 YO, 6 Rx, 254 Inj.