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Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class Podcast

Join Park Avenue board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Bass as he discusses the latest developments and news about all things plastic surgery and anti-aging – drawing on his wealth of experience as a leading surgeon, a plastic surgery professor, and technology innovator to see past the buzz and hear concrete advice and insight to empower your beauty journey or just learn more about this fascinating medical specialty.


Dr. Lawrence Bass, of Bass Plastic Surgery PLLCBeauty Meets Science Blog

Dr. Lawrence Bass, of Bass Plastic Surgery PLLC, shares his opinions and analysis of new products, techniques, devices and treatments in Plastic Surgery. This is a blog to help patients learn more about new developments in the plastic surgery field; patient education is a vital part of Dr. Bass’s practice, and something he feels is essential for patients to make the right treatment choices. Dr. Bass also provides education to medical professionals through his lectures at medical meetings and training courses. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at NYU School of Medicine.


BPS Aesthetics BlogBPS Aesthetics Blog

Aesthetics helps patients navigate and learn more about the non-surgical side of Bass Plastic Surgery. Here patients can explore the different laser and other non-surgical technologies we offer, and see what treatments might benefit them.