Podcast Forecast: Overview of Upcoming Plastic Surgery Classes

Dr. Bass shares a preview of the episodes to look forward to in the coming year, including a new series called “Decades of Face” outlining the changes throughout the decades of aging and the treatment plans best suited to each of them.

When something happens in the plastic surgery world, count on Dr. Bass to bring it to you first. This year’s guest experts will bring individual perspectives as we discuss technology and techniques that work best, and industry guests will reveal how science and innovation are shaping the future of aesthetics.

About Dr. Lawrence Bass

Innovator. Industry veteran. In-demand Park Avenue board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Bass is a true master of his craft, not only in the OR but as an industry pioneer in the development and evaluation of new aesthetic technologies. With locations in both Manhattan (on Park Avenue between 62nd and 63rd Streets) and in Great Neck, Long Island, Dr. Bass has earned his reputation as the plastic surgeon for the most discerning patients in NYC and beyond.

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Doreen Wu (00:00):
Welcome to another episode of Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class, the podcast where we explore controversies and breaking issues in plastic surgery. I’m your co-host, Doreen Wu. I’m excited to be here with Dr. Lawrence Bass, Park Avenue plastic surgeon, educator, and technology innovator. The title of today’s episode is “Podcast Forecast: Overview of Upcoming Plastic Surgery Classes.” We are a few weeks into a new year. I, for one, am looking forward to great new things. And nowhere is that more true than at this podcast Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class. Dr. Bass, can you give us an idea of what our listeners can expect in 2023?

Dr. Lawrence Bass (00:38):
We’re going to have a lot of interesting content. I’ll continue to discuss topics in all areas of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. We will have series of episodes on how devices integrate into aesthetic care and what the hot new devices are.

Doreen Wu (00:58):
We’ve had some really fascinating guest experts come on to the podcast and share their insights and expertise. Is that still part of the plan?

Dr. Lawrence Bass (01:05):
Yes. I’ll continue to look for people who are expert and authoritative to discuss specific aspects of clinical plastic surgery and particular areas where change is taking place or where new advancements are on the horizon.

Doreen Wu (01:22):
That all sounds great. What about hearing from the corporate world, perhaps industry experts, entrepreneurs, and inventors who are shaping the future of aesthetics?

Dr. Lawrence Bass (01:31):
Yes. We haven’t had many corporate guests, but that is where a lot of technology innovation is taking place. So the podcast will try to tap into that where we can find good opportunities to present non-commercial content and perspective.

Doreen Wu (01:50):
And at the very start of the episode, you mentioned that we will be introducing a new series. What other new series can we expect?

Dr. Lawrence Bass (01:58):
My practice is centered around facial rejuvenation, incorporating all of the key surgical and nonsurgical options available. So one of the series we’re going to run is called Decades of Face, where we look at the different aging changes in treatment approaches broken down roughly by your current decade of age.

Doreen Wu (02:24):
Why is it so important to split this out by age?

Dr. Lawrence Bass (02:27):
Well, you know, a given decade of life, there’s individual variation, but it likely tells you about things that are very close to where you are in terms of aging changes. And even if you are aging a little slower or a little faster, it shows you the expected progression on this one way track from younger to older. A lot of what happens in marketing and message about aesthetic services is sort of one size fits all marketing. It’s focused on the industry centered demographic, which is someone maybe their mid thirties to mid forties or maybe even a little younger than that. The problem is you might be 45 or 55 or 75 and you’re hearing that message and it sounds a lot like it’s for you when in fact it may not really be central to how you should look at your aesthetic services. So for this reason, we’re breaking out the specific focus and specific orientation for each decade, and everyone’s going to want to hear what’s going on in their decade of life. But it’s probably best to listen to all of these episodes because that will give you a better understanding of the progression as we age and the options at each stage. You can see what you might have missed out on earlier in the aging process and what’s coming in the future.

Doreen Wu (04:16):
And that’s a really great point that you brought up there. Listening to all of these episodes really gives you the full picture of the different decades and allows you to understand that progression, as you said, of what happens as we age. And it could probably set us up for success and may even save us some headaches down the road. So Dr. Bass, any other series in the works?

Dr. Lawrence Bass (04:37):
We’re looking at the podcast at having multiple guest experts give their individual approach or individual perspective, for example, on which device works best in their hands. And we might also have a series looking at different parts of the country and the world and what is trending in plastic surgery in those locations.

Doreen Wu (05:03):
Like the Park Avenue versus Rodeo Drive episode.

Dr. Lawrence Bass (05:06):

Doreen Wu (05:08):
And for those who tune into our podcast to stay up to date on the very latest in plastic surgery, fear not, we will likely continue to include content on new product introductions, news items, and regulatory changes that might be important to our listeners. Right?

Dr. Lawrence Bass (05:22):
Absolutely. If something happens in the plastic surgery world, we want you to know about it soonest.

Doreen Wu (05:29):
Exactly. And with all of this exciting content in the works, I know I’m looking forward to upcoming episodes and I hope all of our listeners are too. We will keep working hard on our end to bring you educational and entertaining content about the exciting world of plastic surgery. Thank you to our listeners for joining us today to hear about our plans for the Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class podcast in the coming year. I hope you found this episode as fascinating and informative as I did. If you think of other exciting developments or trends in plastic surgery that you would like us to discuss in an upcoming episode, please reach out by email or Instagram. We’ll see you next time. This is Doreen Wu thanking you for joining Dr. Bass and me. Be sure to tune in next time and don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast to stay up to date with all of the exciting content that is coming your way.

Speaker 3 (06:16):
Thank you for joining us in this episode of the Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class podcast with Dr. Lawrence Bass, Park Avenue plastic surgeon, educator, and technology innovator. The commentary in this podcast represents opinion. This podcast does not present medical advice, but rather general information about plastic surgery that does not necessarily relate to the specific conditions of any individual patient. No doctor patient relationship is established by listening to or participating in this podcast. Consult your physician to advise you about your individual healthcare. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with your friends and be sure to subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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