The Power of One: Why More Isn’t Better When Picking A Plastic Surgeon Or Aesthetic Provider

I live and work in an environment in which many choose to have a different provider for their Botox treatments, laser therapy, injectable fillers and facelifting.   In addition, many are also seeing someone else for their skin care treatments and products.  I’ve always thought a different approach was simpler, more efficient, more productive.  The power of one means one coordinating provider caring for all facial needs.  One talented experienced provider.  Someone you form a long-term relationship with in order to create and evolve your beauty plan.

Too many doctors means too many directions at once.  Too many cooks spicing the soup.  In the end the multiprovider approach ends up less time efficient and less cost effective.  On top of that, the plan of care, if there even is a plan, produces less refined results.  This is a classic lose, lose proposition.

Some people feel they want “the best” or at least the best in their area.  In reality, there is not really one best at a given technique.  Also, plastic surgeons and aesthetic providers simply are not only talented or expert at one thing.  I recommend looking for a provider with outstanding technical skills and experience to partner with you.  Someone who has received training in aesthetic care during the post-medical school residency training.  Over time you will need a progression of treatments.  Plastic surgeons can provide both invasive and non-invasive options as appropriate for your needs and preferences.  With the power of one you receive a coordinated plan with no black holes or limitations that is progressive over time.

Modern computing, photography and artificial intelligence technologies are providing planning tools and assessment tools to see the results of treatment and adjust as needed.  But they need the total picture in order to work properly.  With multiple providers there is a lack of coordination with too many moving parts to really have control.  I do coordinate care with other providers on occasion for patients that live in different parts of the country in different seasons but this only works if there is real communication between the two doctors in different locations.

Like any relationship the power of one in your aesthetic care is about finding the right person, someone you are comfortable working with.  How should you find them?  What should you look for?  Someone who is professional not theatrical.  Always remember, this is professional medical care not entertainment –your appearance and safety are at stake.  Someone who is kind in words but also kind in action.  Someone who really does things to buoy your spirits and self esteem and safeguard your well-being.  One overall provider who you trust to coordinate your beauty care.  They can do almost everything but will also be responsible about referring you to someone to fill in any gaps in their capabilities and experience.  They should be able to offer you a range of treatments that are current and state of the art.  Most providers develop two or three areas with outstanding capability within that scope of practice.



The power of one is about:

A relationship with a provider with outstanding knowledge and technical skills

Non-surgical and surgical options based on your preferences and needs

Making a plan which will change over time based on feedback from treatments previously done


Remember, beauty is a process not an event.


There is a one for everyone but not a universal one for everyone.  It is a personal fit between you and the plastic surgeon to meet your lifetime beauty needs.  This relationship may be continuous or sporadic but in any event is sustained.

Your one provider should have capability and breadth but also connect with you and your feelings.

Still, your one provider is not a friend but rather a professional partner in your care.  They are totally on your side while being a realist about what treatments can provide and what is really going on with your appearance.  Sometimes this is uncomfortable but it is quiet and private within the context of a doctor-patient relationship so you look your best to the outside world.