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Perennial Problems and Innovative Solutions: Update on Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Aesthetic breast surgery has made many advances to provide plastic surgeons and their patients more control over the results.  Capsular contracture is a classic problem with breast implants where the healing membrane around the implant distorts shape and symmetry and degrades softness.  This was once largely the result of silicone gel that leached out of […]

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Size Matters But Its About So Much More Than The cc’s: How to Pick a Breast Implant

  Breast implants are devices that will eventually wear out, affecting many considerations in implant selection and breast augmentation.  Dr. Bass and his guest, plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner discuss how to think about fill, implant selection and sizing. Hear their different viewpoints about silicone gel vs. saline filled implants, including the advantages and benefits […]

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Understanding The FDA’s New Breast Implant Regulations And Black Box Warning

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States.  Information about the performance and safety of breast implants has been systematically collected over the past 30  years.  Overall, implants are used for cosmetic applications like breast augmentation 75% of the time.  Reconstructive uses like breast reconstruction […]

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