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Perennial Problems and Innovative Solutions: Update on Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Aesthetic breast surgery has made many advances to provide plastic surgeons and their patients more control over the results.  Capsular contracture is a classic problem with breast implants where the healing membrane around the implant distorts shape and symmetry and degrades softness.  This was once largely the result of silicone gel that leached out of […]

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Park Avenue vs. Rodeo Drive: A Comparison of Patient Desires in America’s Two Most Coveted Aesthetic Markets

Stereotypes abound in plastic surgery about what patients in different locations are asking for and what plastic surgeons are delivering.  From natural enhancements to extreme makeovers, he leading plastic surgery markets in the United States have a long track record of innovating and setting beauty trends.  Two of the most notable markets are Park Avenue […]

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Proof Or Deception: Exposing the Truth About Before & After Images in Plastic Surgery

Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class Episode 1 I am excited to announce that I’ve launched a podcast “Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class”.  Together with my co-host, Doreen Wu, we will explore controversies and breaking issues in plastic surgery. I have been deeply involved in technology development in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine for more than […]

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