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Why Do I Look So Bad On Video Conferencing?

Since the pandemic started, people have become hyper-aware of their appearance while being overexposed to what they look like on videoconferencing. A tsunami of visits to the plastic surgeon has resulted, with patients asking to change more things about themselves than ever before.  “Zoom Dysmorphia” gives us an unrealistic body image. Sure, stress and taking […]

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Device Advice: Exploring the Role of Devices in Aesthetic Medicine

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Christopher Zachary joins Dr. Bass to share the miraculous history behind some of today’s most popular treatments and discuss the impact of developments and research in medical aesthetics.  With every new treatment and technology to enter the world of aesthetics, the landscape grows more confusing for patients.  Finding the ideal treatment for […]

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Perennial Problems and Innovative Solutions: Update on Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Aesthetic breast surgery has made many advances to provide plastic surgeons and their patients more control over the results.  Capsular contracture is a classic problem with breast implants where the healing membrane around the implant distorts shape and symmetry and degrades softness.  This was once largely the result of silicone gel that leached out of […]

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